23rd Jan 2018

What you need to pack in your nappy bag depends on how long you will be out and about, how old your bub is and the time of day you are out.

Our first trip out with our son was a comedy of errors in the packing department with the whole procedure taking over an hour and a half to get out the door!

So what are the real necessities for your nappy bag?

  • Nappies – as a general guide – I like to have 1 for every 2 hours I’m going to be out – or 6 if I’m going out all day … just in case
  • Baby wipes – I try to take a half full pack – so it’s lighter. I just keep switching the pack from the change table to a new one when I need a half pack for my nappy bag. Just don’t forget them! Great for sticky little mitts as well as bubs bottom. They are also super handy for cleaning vomit or other stains off your clothing or car seats.
  • Nappy sacks (for dirty nappies) – also useful for soiled clothing items
  • Cream – Nappy rash cream/ointment – Handy to keep a small travel or sample size tube or pot in case of a rash or to prevent one.
  • Change Mat – Your Isoki Nappy Bags all come with a comfy, padded wipe clean one. If you need something bigger, a towelling nappy or old pillow case will both fold up nice and small to pop into a pocket in your bag.
  • Hand sanitiser – if you are out and about with no washing facilities available.
  • Spare clothes – to cater for nappy blow outs and vomit (mmm nice) & don’t forget the socks.
  • Hats – A sun hat for day & beanie for night if you will be out later.
  • Spare muslin wrap or blanket. Muslin wraps can also be used over the pram when your bub has a snooze, a burp cloth, a change mat and as a feeding cover if you are breast feeding. I make sure I always have one in my car.
  • Bottles with right amount of boiled water/milk in them if bottle feeding. Store in the insulated bottle holder.
  • Formula- If using it – A powdered milk dispenser will hold at least 3 feeds for you.
  • Bib or two.
  • Cup for water for your toddler
  • Dummy-if you wish to use one
  • Small roll on sunscreen
  • One or two toys
  • Sultanas or fruit snack for me, and a bottle of water.

So that’s the necessities done. Here are a few extras you might like to think about.

Pair of baby nail clippers so while bub snoozes and his little hands are immobile, you can clip those sharp nails!

Use a small purse for your own goodies – lip gloss, tissues, sunnies, mints, pen and paper.

Make sure you buy a nappy bag with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep things well organised. A nappy bag with a wipe clean lining is also a good idea so you can clean up spills in a jiffy.

I also keep a small purse ready in the back of the car for emergencies – the Isoki Petite Traveller, loaded with 2 nappies, wipes, nappy bags, hand sanitiser and a clean jump suit. It has been a lifesaver several times!